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Plant Growth Regulator

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Plant growth promoters (PGRs) are a particular class of product that can aid plant growth, resulting in better crop yields and produce of higher quality. You can choose from a variety of efficient Read more..

Geolife Change Plant Growth Promoter

Rs. 309.00 Rs. 421.00

27% off

ROOT MASTER - Plant Growth Promoter

Rs. 380.00 Rs. 424.00

10% off

Organic Bentonite Granule

Rs. 400.00 Rs. 410.00

2% off

Chamatkaar Plant Growth Regulator

Rs. 1060.00 Rs. 1070.00

1% off

Thyla K Potash Plant Growth Promoter

Rs. 530.00 Rs. 650.00

18% off

Flower Special Plant Growth Regulator

Rs. 612.00 Rs. 721.00

15% off

SIZEFAST VEGI Plant Growth Regulator

Rs. 452.00 Rs. 531.00

15% off

CAPSONA VEGI Plant Growth Regulator

Rs. 452.00 Rs. 531.00

15% off

Thyla N (Nitrogen) Plant Growth Promoter

Rs. 530.00 Rs. 620.00

15% off

Thyla NPK Plant Growth Regulator (PGR)

Rs. 530.00 Rs. 670.00

21% off

Thyla Mix Plant Growth Promoter

Rs. 550.00 Rs. 700.00

21% off

Regulate 39 - Ethephon 39% SL PGR

Rs. 662.00 Rs. 736.00

10% off

Intel Grow Plant Growth Regulator

Rs. 870.00 Rs. 900.00

3% off

TIMER - Plant Growth Regulator

Rs. 992.00 Rs. 1168.00

15% off

TOI Jamniket (Plant Growth Regulator)

Rs. 250.00 Rs. 290.00

14% off


Rs. 320.00 Rs. 410.00

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Rs. 400.00 Rs. 714.00

44% off

How do growth regulators affect plants?   
Plant growth regulators or PGRs are chemical compounds that can manipulate plant growth and development in certain ways such as controlling flowering, promoting root growth or inhibiting stem elongation. These regulators can affect physiological processes within the plant, ultimately leading to changes in plant growth and morphology.
Can we use PGR in organic farming?
The use of synthetic plant growth regulators is strictly prohibited in organic farming, along with other synthetic chemicals like herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Organic farming relies on natural methods to promote plant growth, but for non-organic farming, plant growth regulators can be useful tools in promoting healthy plant growth and development.
How do you store plant growth regulators?
Plant growth regulators such as NAA and 2,4-D can be stored for a few months at 4°C, while IAA should be stored at -20°C.

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