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A spreader is one of the game-changing agriculture machines that is used to distribute manure evenly over the field. It can significantly enhance plant growth in the agriculture industry. Moreover, Read more..

What is a spreader used for?
Spreader is a tool used for the distribution of fertilizer and grass seed on lawns in uniformity. They come in two types namely drop spreaders and rotary spreaders which are also known as broadcast spreaders. The broadcast spreaders can be either hand-held or walk-behind.
What are the different types of spreaders?
There are three main types of lawn spreaders namely drop, broadcast and handheld spreaders.
How do you maintain a spreader?
For maintaining a spreader, you can clean it thoroughly and ensure that it is completely dry. It is recommended not to wet any electrical components and wiring if equipped. 
Why do you need a spreader?
Spreaders are a vital tool in farming for the uniform distribution of fertilizer and grass seed in fields or lawns. There are two main types of spreaders, drop and broadcast spreaders.

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