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Which seed is best for Butternut Seeds?       
The best seeds for growing Butternut are high-yielding, disease-resistant varieties that have been developed for the local climate and soil conditions.   
Which month do you plant Butternut Seeds?     
The ideal timeframe for planting Butternut Seeds falls within the window of early April to late May. During this period, the conditions are optimal for the seeds to germinate and grow into healthy plants. 
How long does it take to grow Butternut from seed?   
Butternut Squash takes around 15-20 weeks to grow from seed to harvest during which the plant goes through various stages of growth and development. 
How much water is needed for the Butternut plant? 
The Butternut plant requires a moderate amount of water to thrive, with a general rule of thumb being to water deeply once a week, ensuring the soil is moist but not waterlogged.
How much Butternut seed is required per acre?            
To achieve the optimal yield, it is recommended to plant around 5 to six tonnes of Butternut seeds per acre, providing enough space for the plants to grow and produce a significant harvest.
How much Butternut can be produced from one acre by planting Butternuts?         
By planting Butternut seeds at a rate of 12-18 tonnes per acre and ensuring optimal growing conditions, one can expect to harvest a yield of similar quantity, resulting in a bountiful Butternut harvest.
How much do Butternut seeds cost?
The Butternut seeds cost around 200 to 400 rupees approximately relying on factors such as seed type and quality.                                 
What is the height of the Butternut plant?        
Under optimal growing conditions and well-drained soil, a Butternut plant can reach a height of up to 6 feet. Its vines are slender and can grow up to 15 feet in length.

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