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Botanical Viricides

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Botanical Virucides is a sustainable solution for protecting your crops from devastating viruses and other pests. Unlike other chemical treatments, botanical virucides are an effective pest control Read more..

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How are botanical viricides applied in agriculture?
Botanical viricides can be applied to plants in various ways including sprays, extracts and powders. The type of application depends on the plant and the targeted virus.
Can botanical virucides be used in organic farming?
Yes, botanical virucides are known to be commonly used in organic farming. They are usually deemed safe and are authorized under organic certification standards.
Are botanical viricides effective in controlling plant viruses?
Botanical viricides can be highly successful in managing plant viruses. However, their effectiveness may vary based on environmental factors, plant species and the type of virus targeted. 
What are the advantages of using botanical viricides?
Botanical viricides come along with a lot of benefits such as being derived naturally, having a high level of safety, efficacy against various plant viruses and lower risk of virus resistance.

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