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POWERCAP Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR)

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Benefits of POWERCAP 1 Applicable to all kinds of agricultural and horticultural crops. 2 Enhances root production, nutrient mobilization and use efficiency of manure and fertilizers, and improves crop growth and yield. 3 It reduces nitrogen requirement by 25 %. 4 Protects crops against soil borne pathogens. 5 Ecologically safe. 6 Easy to handle, transport and store. 7 Reduced manpower requirement due to ease of application and reduced bulk. 8 Can be stored at room temperature. 9 Can be applied through drip fertigation. Method of application for black pepper POWERCAP capsule contains 109 propagules. Suspend one POWERCAP capsule in one litre boiled and cooled to to luke warm water and keep it over night with occasional stirring.Next, dilute this one litre solution in 100 litres of clean water and drench the pepper vines @ 1 litre – 3 litre depending on the size of the vine. For ginger, cardamom and other crops, drench depending on the root spread. For nurseries, drench 100 ml of the solution per bag, or mix the solution in digested compost or farmyard manure at the time of bag filling.The same one litre solution can be dissolved in about 8 – 10 litres of clean water and mixed with digested compost on farmyard manure or neem cake and applied to 30 – 50 vines depending on the size. For ginger, cardamom and other crops, apply based on the root spread. Both POWERCAP and TRICHOCAP can be used together in combination.

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