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Bio Fungicides

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Bio-fungicides are a sustainable alternative to traditional chemical fungicides contrived from living organisms like bacteria, fungi and other microbes. They are an effective way to combat plant Read more..

CEAXOR Bioinoculants Microbial Fungicides

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Trident Trichoderma viride Microbial Fungicides

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What is the importance of bio fungicide?
Bio fungicide is an important tool in sustainable agriculture as they have many resistant fungi and bacterias that promote root and shoot growth. They not only protect plants from pathogens but also enhance plant growth and increase tolerance to drought.     
What are the advantages of bio fungicides?
Biofungicides have the ability to control plant diseases and pests caused by fungi and bacteria. They have naturally occurring microorganisms that make them an eco-friendly and sustainable option.
Are Biofungicides organic?
Most of the bio fungicides in the market today are derived from occurring naturally in soil or plants. They are approved for organic farming, making them an eco-friendly option for the management of plant diseases. 

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