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Manual and Electric Weeders, Tillers, Cultivators

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Weeders are equipment that helps restore the balance to your fields and lawns. Our top-quality weeders delicately remove invasive and harmful plants that threaten your cherished flora. They finely Read more..

Mandva Weeder

Rs. 1848.00 Rs. 1881.60

2% off

Dry Land Weeder with single tine

Rs. 2010.00 Rs. 2117.00

5% off

Paddy Weeder

Rs. 2070.00 Rs. 2117.00

2% off

Cono Weeder

Rs. 2110.00 Rs. 2117.00

Dry Land Weeder Fork Type

Rs. 2450.00 Rs. 2744.00

11% off

Wheel Hoe Weeder 3 Tines Adjustable Handle

Rs. 2950.00 Rs. 3010.00

2% off

What are the advantages of manual and electric weeders, tillers or cultivators?
Weeders have a lot of benefits in agriculture such as efficient removal of weeds, preventing soil degradation and preserving soil fertility for premium crop growth.
Can weeders be used in organic farming?
Yes certainly, weeders are suitable for organic farming practices as they do not rely on any chemical substances for weed control.
How do you maintain a weeder?
Weeders can be maintained by regularly cleaning and inspecting the blades and tines. You must also ensure proper lubrication and store the equipment in a cool and dry location. 

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