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Lawn Mowers

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Ignite a symphony of efficiency and precision in your sprawling fields and lawns with our extraordinary range of lawnmowers. These dynamic companions glide effortlessly and tame the wild growth that Read more..

Junior Wheel Type Push Mower

Rs. 3150.00 Rs. 3250.00

3% off

12 Inch Super Wheel Type Push Mower

Rs. 5100.00 Rs. 5250.00

3% off

14 Inch Super Wheel Type Push Mower

Rs. 5300.00 Rs. 5400.00

2% off

16 Inch Super Wheel Type Push Mower

Rs. 5400.00 Rs. 5550.00

3% off

18 Inch Super Wheel Type Push Mower

Rs. 5500.00 Rs. 5650.00

3% off

What is the importance of lawnmowers in agriculture?          
In agriculture, lawnmowers are used to efficiently trim grass and vegetation, ensuring tidy fields, facilitating maintenance and upkeeping practices.
What factors should be considered while choosing a lawn mower?
When choosing a lawn mower, you should consider factors such as size, characteristics of your lawn or garden, encompassed terrain, budget constraints and your personal preferences to make an informed decision.
What are the different types of lawnmowers?
Some of the popular types of lawnmowers are push mowers, self-propelled mowers, riding mowers and robotic mowers.
How often should you mow your lawn or garden?It is recommended to mow once a week during the active growth period and adjust the frequency based on the growth rate of the grass or plants in order to maintain a well-groomed lawn or garden.

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