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Round Gourd seeds

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Nurture the soul of your farm and savor the taste of fresh, juicy round gourds with every bite. At Badikheti, India's premier agriculture marketplace, we bring you the best seeds at unbeatable Read more..


Which seed is best for Round Gourd?  
The best seeds are the ones that result in good yields and are disease resistant. However, it is vital to choose seeds that are well-suited to the local growing conditions for optimal growth and fruit production.
Which month do you plant the Round Gourd?
Round Gourd is typically planted during the summer and monsoon months when the soil and air temperature are warm and suitable for seed germination. During this time, the soil is moist and there is sufficient rainfall for the young plants to establish and grow. 
How long does Round Gourd take to grow?
The Round Gourd plant takes approximately 60 to 90 days to grow from seed to harvest, depending on the variety, growing conditions, and agricultural practices.   
How much water is needed for the Round Gourd plant?
Round Gourd plants need a moderate amount of water to grow successfully. During the initial stages of growth, the seedlings require consistent moisture to establish and grow. As the plant matures, it requires less frequent watering, but sufficient watering should be provided to prevent drought stress. 
How much Round Gourd seed is required per acre?       
The amount of Round Gourd seeds required per acre of cultivation varies depending on the desired plant population and seed size. On average, 2 to 4 kilograms of seed per acre is recommended for Round Gourd cultivation.
How much Round Gourd can be produced from one acre by planting a Round Gourd?        
An acre of Round Gourd cultivation can produce an estimated 30 to 50 tonnes of Round Gourd, depending on several factors such as the variety of Round Gourd, growing conditions, and agricultural practices.
How much does Round Gourd seeds cost? 
The cost of Round Gourd seeds can vary depending on several factors such as the seed variety, seed quality, and quantity. On average, a pack of Round Gourd seeds can cost between 300 to 400 rupees.             
What is the height of the Round Gourd plant?           
The Round Gourd plant is a climbing or trailing vine that can grow to a height of approximately 6 feet or more, depending on the growing conditions and variety. 

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