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Agricultural and Garden Sprayers

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Agricultural and Garden Sprayers are tools that delicately caress each leaf, fostering growth and abundance. Our remarkable assortment of sprayers bestow a gentle mist upon your crops and flora. Read more..

Knapsack Solar Battery Operated Sprayer BS-50

Rs. 5900.00 Rs. 7000.00

16% off

Tractor Mounted Sprayer HTP-22 Silver

Rs. 6450.00 Rs. 7000.00

8% off

Tractor Mounted Sprayer (Htp-30 Gold)

Rs. 7450.00 Rs. 8000.00

7% off

Tractor Mounted Sprayer HTP-50 Gold Plus

Rs. 8750.00 Rs. 9000.00

3% off

Garden Spray Bottle

Rs. 450.00 Rs. 453.00

1% off

Pressure Spray Pump 5 Liters

Rs. 970.00 Rs. 980.00

1% off

Pressure Spray Pump 8 Liters

Rs. 1100.00 Rs. 1120.00

2% off

Knapsack Battery Operated Spray Pump 16 Liter

Rs. 3750.00 Rs. 4390.00

15% off

What can sprayers (Spray Pumps) be used to apply?
Sprayers can be used to apply various substances such as water, weed killers, crop performance materials, pest control chemicals and other ingredients in manufacturing and production processes. They are versatile tools that facilitate the controlled application of liquids for agricultural purposes.
What is the purpose of crop sprayers?
Crop sprayers serve the purpose of applying essential liquid substances such as fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides to plants. They play a vital role in maintaining crop health and maximizing growth throughout the crop's life cycle.
What are the benefits of sprayers in agriculture and garden?
In agriculture, sprayers provide effective control against certain harmful plant diseases such as mildew, rust, blight and fungi. Moreover, they ensure healthier crops and improved yields.

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