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Our premium Zucchini seeds are just what you need to add some exotic flavor to your farm. Sourced from trusted brands, our seeds guarantee high germination rates and disease resistance for a Read more..


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Which seed is best for Zucchini?  
When selecting seeds for zucchini, choose high-quality seeds that are resistant to common diseases and pests and that are suited to your climate and growing conditions. 
Which month do you plant a Zucchini?
Zucchini is a warm-season crop that thrives in the heat of the summer months. This means sowing seeds in late winter or early spring, with harvest beginning in early summer and continuing through the fall.      
How long does Zucchini take to grow?
Zucchini is a relatively fast-growing vegetable, with most varieties taking between 40 and 60 days from planting to harvest. 
How much water is needed for the Zucchini plant?
Zucchini plants require consistent moisture to thrive, so it's important to keep the soil evenly moist throughout the growing season. This may mean watering your plants deeply once or twice a week, or more frequently during hot, dry weather. 
How much Zucchini seed is required per acre?       
For planting zucchini on one acre of land, typically between 1 and 1.5 kilograms of high-quality seeds are required. This can vary depending on the variety of zucchini, as well as the spacing and planting method used.                                
How much Zucchini can be produced from one acre by planting a Zucchini?        
With proper care and optimal growing conditions, it is possible to produce up to 8000 kilograms of zucchini from one acre of land. However, the actual yield may vary depending on weather, soil quality and cultivation practices.    
How much do Zucchini seeds cost?                
Zucchini seeds are reasonably priced, typically costing between 200 to 500 rupees per packet. The cost may vary depending on the variety and the number of seeds purchased. 
What is the height of the Zucchini plant?   
Zucchini plants are known for their vigorous growth and can reach a height of 2 to 4 feet, depending on the variety. They have large leaves and produce vibrant yellow flowers that eventually give way to the tasty zucchinis.

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