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Maize (Makka) Seeds

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Which seed is best for Maize?       
The best type of seed for maize plantation depends on several factors such as the climate, soil type and the intended use of the crop. Some of the maize seeds varieties include Sweet, Popcorn, Dent, Waxy and Flint maize seeds. 
Which month do you plant Maize?     
Maize can be planted throughout the year, depending on the region and the intended use of the crop. The reason maize can be planted all around the year in India is due to the diverse agro-climatic conditions and the availability of water. 
How long does Maize take to grow? 
Maize plant takes about 120 to 130 days to grow from seed to maturity. This may vary depending on factors such as variety, climate, soil type, farming practices, pest control, nutrients and much more. 
Does Maize need a lot of water to grow? 
Maize is a thirsty crop and requires a significant amount of water to grow properly. During the critical stages of growth, such as pollination and grain fill, maize may require additional water to ensure optimal yields.
How much Maize seed is required per acre?
On average, an acre of maize requires about 8 to 10 Kg of maize seeds. The number of seeds per acre is important because it affects the plant population, which in turn affects the yield and quality of the crop. 
How much Maize can be produced from one acre by planting a Maize?         
Generally, an acre of maize can produce about 150-200 bushels or 10 to 20 Qntls of maize. Moreover, factors such as the variety, climate, soil type, and farming practices all play a role in determining the yield of maize. 
How much does Maize seeds cost?
The cost of maize seeds can range from 250 to 1250 rupees approximately per kg. This cost can be influenced by several factors such as the demand for the specific variety, the seed quality and much more. 
What is the height of the Maize plant?        
Maize plants can grow upto 10 to 12 feet approximately, at maturity. These plants have an upright stem with large leaves and have a sheath wrapped around the stem.

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