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Til (Sesame) Seeds

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Badikheti is one of India’s best agriculture marketplaces dedicated to helping farmers with the most premium quality Til (Sesame) seeds. Purchase from us the best Til (Sesame) seeds for your farm.

Which seed is best for Til? 
The variety of seeds depends on the variety of til, but generally, high-yielding varieties with good disease resistance are considered the best for planting.
Which month do you plant Til?
Sesame seeds or Til seeds are normally planted and cultivated in the months of July to august which is the Kharif season. 
How long does Til take to grow?
It takes approximately 100-110 days for the til to grow from seed and to reach its maturity levels in a rich growing soil and moist environment. 
Does Til need a lot of water to grow?
The sesame plant is known to thrive in high temperatures in well-drained and sandy loam soil with little water, once they are established. 
How much Til seed is required per acre?
The amount of sesame seeds required per acre varies on the specific variety of the seed and intended planting density. However, Sesame or til seeds are planted at a rate of 2 to 2.5 kgs per acre. 
How much Til can be produced from one acre by planting Til?
On average, it is estimated that one acre of sesame plants can yield around 4 to 5 Qntl. However, soil quality, farming practices and weather conditions are some of the factors that influence the number of sesame seeds produced in one acre of the plantation. 
How much do Til seeds cost? 
Typically, the cost of sesame seeds ranges from 220 to 370 rupees per kg. However, the price can fluctuate depending on the market demand, supply and quality of the seeds.                  
What is the height of the Til plant?
Plant sesame is drought tolerant and will grow up to 4 to 6 feet or taller in a healthy environment with white and sometimes pink flowers.
Which soil is best for sesame?
Sesame seeds can be grown on a wide array of sols but well drained as well as light to medium textured soils are usually preferred.

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