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Bio Stimulants

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Bio-stimulants are natural compounds that work to improve the overall health and resilience of plants. They are biologically derived fertilizer additives helping to improve the overall nutritional Read more..

Syngenta Quantis Bio stimulant

Rs. 460.00 Rs. 738.00

38% off

Plus Gold - Plant Growth Enhancer

Rs. 333.00 Rs. 500.00

33% off

Geolife Vigore Bio Stimulant for All Crops

Rs. 827.00 Rs. 1102.00

25% off

Formula AC Bio Stimulant

Rs. 360.00 Rs. 375.00

4% off

VIRUS G (Virus & Bacteria)

Rs. 655.00 Rs. 790.00

17% off

Nectar Bio-Stimulant

Rs. 1120.00 Rs. 1140.00

2% off

Hammer Bio-Stimulant

Rs. 1160.00 Rs. 1170.00

1% off

Prime Fortisea Bio-Stimulant

Rs. 315.00 Rs. 335.00

6% off

Prime 1515 Bio-Stimulant

Rs. 325.00 Rs. 350.00

7% off

Prime Chiron Bio-Stimulant

Rs. 375.00 Rs. 400.00

6% off

Prime Verdant Bio Stimulant

Rs. 651.00 Rs. 700.00

7% off

What is the purpose of biostimulants?
Biostimulants are products used to boost plant growth, increase water resistance and reduce the need for fertilizers. When used in small concentrations, they lead to high-quality yields by enhancing the plant's vital processes. 
What are the benefits of biostimulants?
Biostimulants help plants resist environmental stressors and encourage healthy growth by improving root development. This includes greater stress resistance and nutrient uptake, resulting in better plant vigor and higher yields.          
Can biostimulants replace fertilizer?
Biostimulants are packed with multi-nutrients but cannot be used as a complete substitute for fertilizers. However, they are known to enhance soil quality and plant growth, especially under stress conditions. 
What are the components of bio stimulant?
Biostimulants come along with various components such as humic-fulvic acids, amino acids, hormones, algae extracts and many other components. 

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