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Black gram (Urad) Seeds

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Bring your Black Gram crop to the next level with our top-of-the-line seeds from our agriculture marketplace. Don't settle for subpar beans, choose us for your Black Gram seed needs and taste the difference in your harvest.

Which seed is best for Black grams? 
The best seeds for black gram are high-yielding, disease-resistant, and have good seed size and germination rate. 
Which month do you plant a Black gram?     
The best time to plant black grams is the second fortnight of July (15 to 30 July)which is the Kharif season. If sown early more foliage and less flowering and sometimes no flowering. In summer, sowing should be done from the third week of February to the first week of April. However, late sowing should be avoided for yielding good-quality crops. 

How long does Black gram take to grow? 
Black gram takes around 100-200 days to grow from seed if given proper care and adequate amounts of water.  

How much water is needed for the Black gram plant?
Black gram plants require moderate water to grow, and regular watering is necessary to prevent the soil from drying out. It is recommended to provide 1-1.5 inches of water per week during the growing season

How much Black gram seed is required per acre?            
The amount of Black gram seed required per acre for planting ranges from 6 to 8 Kg. This quantity may vary depending on factors such as soil type, climate, and planting method.

How much Black gram can be produced from one acre by planting a Black gram?         
An acre of Black gram plantation can yield around 7 to 8 quintals of Black gram seeds if good quality seeds are used along with the supply of moderate water for the crop to grow at its’ full potential. 

How much do Black gram seeds cost?
The average cost of Black gram seeds is around 200-300 rupees depending on multiple factors such as quality, quantity and variety of your purchase. 

What is the height of the Black gram plant?        
The height of a black gram plant can vary depending on the variety, but typically it ranges from 35 to 40 cm tall.

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