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Castor Seeds

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Choose from the wide range of castor seeds that suits your needs the best. BadiKheti sells castor seeds of the highest quality online in India at the cheapest rate possible. Buy castor seeds online Read more..

What is the price of castor seeds in India?
The cost of castor seeds is approximately Rs. 600-1500/-. However, it depends on the varieties of castor seed that you buy such as organic, hybrid, or any other.

Which type of castor seeds are best to buy in India?
GCH-8, GCH-9, GNCH-1, YRCH-2 and ICH-66,etc. are some of the latest high-yielding hybrid castor seeds released for cultivation in India.  

What is the best Sowing time for castor seeds?
The best time for sowing castor seeds is immediately after the onset of the monsoon which is the Kharif season from the month of July to September. 

In which soil castor can be grown?
Castor beans can be grown in almost all types of soils like red, sandy loam as well as light alluvial soils. It can grow vigorously in soils with high organic matter. However, it can’t tolerate waterlogged conditions and is sensitive to the soil that is poorly drained, so a good drainage system is essential.      

Should you soak castor seeds before planting?
Yes, it is recommended to soak the Cotton seeds also known as Ricinus communis seeds for at least 24 hours in water to soften the seed coat and improve the fertilization rate.       

What is the seed rate of the castor?
The seed rate for castor depends on the variety and method of cultivation, but in general, a seed rate of 10 kg/ha for varieties and 5 kg/ha for hybrids is used. 

How long does castor seed take to grow?
On average it takes around 170 to 180 days, or 3-4 months, for the castor Ricinus communis plant to reach maturity and produce castor seeds. 

How much castor seed is required per acre?
Approximately 1 Kg (2.2 lbs) of castor seeds is needed to plant one acre of land depending on growing conditions and planting methods.  

How many castor plants can be produced from a one-acre plantation?
A well managed one acre plantation with good farming practices and optimal weather conditions can yield abou 1400 kg to 1600 kg of seeds.   

How much water is needed for the castor plant?
The castor plant is relatively drought tolerant but it prefers well-drained soils and requires around 1 inch of water per week.  It is vital to never allow the soil to dry out completely.                          

Do castor seeds need fertilizers?
Castor plants are known to grow well on various varieties of soil types, but to achieve optimal growth and productivity, fertilizers are highly recommended. 

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