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BLOOM Plant Growth Regulator - (Flowering Stimulant) 100% Organic Products With Fast Acting Formula

Zeal Biologicals
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BLOOM - (Flowering Stimulant) Details:
  • Bloom is a Flower Stimulant provides nutrition and energy during flowering stages so that physiological functions are improved .Provides nutrition and energy for physiological development. It improves flower growth and leaf area. Improves immune system of plants and helps the plants to feed microbes, and maintains hormone balancing in plants. Encourages flowering plants to produce blossoms and reproductive process of the plants that helps in pollen tude elongation and conversion of flowers to fruits.
  • Composition: 100% Organic Micronutrient Liquid
  • Fungal Extract 07%
  • Copper 0.01%
  • Potash 0.04%
  • Zinc 0.03%
  • Antifreeze Agent 01%
  • Stage wise recommended application:



    Interval in stage to apply

    1st  application via foliar spray

    Full Bloom

    On set of anthesis (Flowers open)

    2ndapplication via foliar spray

    Full Bloom

    4 days after 1st application

    3rd  application via foliar spray

    Full Bloom

    4 days after 2nd application

    4thapplication via foliar spray

    Full Bloom

    4 days after 3rdapplication

    5th application via foliar spray

    Full Bloom

    After 4 days in horticulture

  • Dosage: 500 ml in 200 litres water per acre dosage through foliar spray

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