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Capsicum seeds from our agriculture marketplace are the secret ingredient to a successful harvest. At Badikheti, our seeds are sourced from reputable brands. Don't settle for average capsicums, Read more..

Which seed is best for Capsicum?
The best seeds for capsicum cultivation would be high-yielding and disease resistance seed varieties that have been developed through extensive research and testing.   
Which month do you plant a Capsicum?     
Capsicum seeds are typically sown at the end of October and transplanting is done around mid-February. For early yield results, seeds are sown in mid-October and transplanting is done at end of November. 
How long does it take to grow Capsicum from seed?   
It takes around 55 to 60 days for green capsicum, 70 to 75 days for yellow capsicum and 80-90 days for red capsicum to grow from seed to maturity after the transplanting stage. 
Does Capsicum need a lot of water to grow?  
When it comes to the Capsicum plant, it requires moderate amounts of water. However, it is crucial to monitor the moisture level of the soil as over-watering can lead to root rot. 
How much Capsicum seed is required per acre?            
The amount of Capsicum seeds needed per acre for planting approximately ranges from 200 to 300 grams. This quantity may vary depending on factors such as soil type, climate and planting method.
How much Capsicum can be produced from one acre by planting Capsicum seeds?         
An acre of capsicum plantation can yield between 83 to 165 quintals. Moreover, the exact amount may vary depending on factors such as soil type, climate, and planting method.
How much do Capsicum seeds cost?  
High-quality capsicum seeds may cost anywhere around 500 to 2000 rupees depending on factors such as seed variety, quality and quantity of capsicum seeds. 
What is the height of the Capsicum plant?        
The height of a capsicum plant can vary depending on the variety but generally ranges from 70-75 cm tall.

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