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BIO ROOT PLUS - (HUMIC ACID 70% + FULVIC ACID 10 %) Plant Growth Promoter

Sonkul Agro
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Humic Acid – 75 %
Fulvic Acid – 15 %
Fillers and Carriers – 10 %

Brief Description

BIO ROOT PLUS is natural combination of root and shoots growth substances which exhibit positive effects on overall growth of crops thereby boosting root, leaves, flower and fruit development. Its growth stimulating and enzyme activity boosting properties are helpful in increasing yield and quality of fruits, vegetables, flowers and food crops.

  • BIO ROOT PLUS promotes the formation of good soil structure, increasing the cation exchange capacity (CEC), water-holding capacity, and the capacity of fertilizer retention along with reduction in soil erosion.
  • BIO ROOT PLUS Stimulates growth of white (Active) roots by enhancing cell division and elongation. It also Increases the germination capacity of seed via the improved CEC levels of the soil.
  • BIO ROOT PLUS increases the efficacy of fertilizer by preventing nutrient leaching from the root zone and ensuring sustained release of nutrients to the root zone as needed by plants.
  • BIO ROOT PLUS Promotes nutrient uptake by plants and enhances the soil's ability to chelate nutrients and to promote exchange of nutrients between plants and the fertilizers being applied.
  • BIO ROOT PLUS increases the permeability of plant membranes and plant’s oxygen uptake capacity thereby enhancing the nutrient uptake with an increase in photosynthesis and chlorophyll production.
  • BIO ROOT PLUS improves the soil environment needed for the uninterrupted growth of various groups of beneficial micro-organisms.
  • BIO ROOT PLUS buffers pH problems, allowing plants to adapt better and directly influences numerous enzymatic processes and stimulates the plant’s immune system.
  • BIO ROOT PLUS is a potent, natural chelating agent, slowing oxidation and converting metallic elements into readily absorbable, bio-available nutrition with very small molecular size allowing minerals’ rapid entry through plant cells.
  • BIO ROOT PLUS conditions the physiological processes of crops, Increases the ability to tolerate stress, insects, coldness and drought due to improved moisture storage.
  • BIO ROOT PLUS can detoxify pollutants in the soil. They absorb toxins and catalyze their rapid breakdown.
Dosage and Method of Application
  • BIO ROOT PLUS can be mixed with organic manures and fertilizers, applied as seed soaking treatment, root application or used directly during fertigation.

    Soil Application (Per Acre) - Mix 1-2 kg BIO ROOT PLUS with chemical fertilizer or organic manure.

    Fertigation (Per Acre) - Dissolve 1-2 kg BIO ROOT PLUS in water and apply in the root zone through drip system.

    Drenching - Mix 5-10 gm BIO ROOT PLUS in 1 liter of water and apply near root zone by drenching.

    Seedling Dip - Mix 5 gm BIO ROOT PLUS in 1 liter of water and dip seedling roots for 5-10 minutes before transplanting.

    Seed Treatment - Mix 5 gm BIO ROOT PLUS in 1 liter of water and soak seeds for 15 minutes. Dry seeds in shade before sowing.