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Turnip (Shalajam) seeds

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Plant the finest turnip seeds to harvest a bountiful crop! Our top-quality turnip seeds, sourced from the most reliable brands, boast high germination rates and disease resistance. Enjoy the sweet Read more..

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Which seed is best for Turnip?  
For turnip cultivation, selecting high-quality, disease-resistant seeds from reliable sources is key to ensuring a successful crop. 
Which month do you plant a Turnip?
The best time to plant turnips in India is from August to September for desi varieties and October to November for European varieties. These months provide the perfect soil and weather conditions for the turnips to grow and thrive.
How long does Turnip take to grow?
Turnips typically take 50 to 80 days to grow from seed to harvest. This depends on factors such as climate, soil conditions, and the variety of turnips being grown.
How much water is needed for the Turnip plant?
Turnip plants need moderate water to grow properly. It is recommended to water them regularly to keep the soil moist but not water-logged. The ideal water requirement for turnip plants is 1-2 inches per week. 
How much Turnip seed is required per acre?       
Approx 2-3 kg of Turnip seeds are required per acre. The amount can vary based on the variety and growth conditions. Moreover, proper soil preparation, timely sowing and adequate spacing are crucial for optimal seed usage and healthy Turnip growth.
How much Turnip can be produced from one acre by planting a Turnip?  
One acre of turnip plantation can yield approximately 90 to 105 Kg of turnips. The yield depends on various factors such as soil fertility, seed quality, water management, and other environmental conditions.
How much does Turnip seeds cost? 
The cost of turnip seeds ranges from 300 to 500 rupees depending on factors such as variety, quantity, and location. Other factors that can impact the price include supply and demand, climate and growing conditions.              
What is the height of the Turnip plant?   
The height of a turnip plant varies depending on the variety, but on average, it grows up to 45 cm.


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