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Quench your farm's thirst for a bountiful fruit harvest with our premium watermelon seeds. With our convenient online ordering process and unbeatable pricing, get ready to savor the juicy Read more..

Which seed is best for Watermelon?  
The best seeds for planting watermelons are the ones that are known to produce high yields and are resistant to common diseases. 
Which month do you plant a Watermelon?
Watermelons are typically planted in February-March in India, with variations based on regional climate. In Northeastern and western India, the best time for sowing is November to January, while in South and Central India, they can be grown year-round due to mild winters.
How long does Watermelon take to grow?
The time taken for watermelon plants to grow and bear fruit depends on several factors such as soil type, temperature, sunlight and water availability. It takes 70 to 90 days for watermelon plants to grow and produce fruit. 
Does Watermelon need a lot of water to grow? 
Watermelon plants require a lot of water to grow and produce fruit, as they are a heavy water-loving crop. To ensure healthy growth and fruit production, it's important to water the plants regularly and provide enough water to keep the soil consistently moist, but not waterlogged. 
How much Watermelon seed is required per acre?       
An acre of land can accommodate 300 to 350 grams of watermelon seeds. The number of watermelon seeds required per acre depends on certain factors such as the variety of watermelon, soil fertility, and planting method.   
How many Watermelon can be produced from one acre by a plantation?
On average, an acre of watermelon plants can produce 70 to 80 Qntls of watermelons. This can be higher or lower depending on the specific growing conditions and the variety of watermelons being grown.
How much do watermelon seeds cost?
The cost of watermelon seeds varies depending on several factors such as seed type, quantity and location. On average, a packet of watermelon seeds can range from 300 to 3000, while bulk purchases can reduce the cost per seed.
What is the height of the Watermelon plant?   
The height of a mature watermelon plant can vary from 15 to 24 inches depending on the variety. It has large leaves that are usually lobed and the stems are usually green.


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