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Royal SUPER GROW NOCA, SATTVIK and KRUSHI Certified Non Toxic Environmentally Safe Plant Growth Regulator

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OUR PRODUCT: Royal Super Grow is a liquid PLANT GROWTH ENHANCER/ Bio Stimulant formulated to encourage strong vegetative growth, improved fruit-set, and ripening of fruits. It provides the essential macro elements that plants demand throughout their life cycle. Through chelation, Royal Super Grow is readily available to plants and thereby encourages strong and vigorous growth.

DOSE: Dilution Ratios & Application Frequency – 500 ml/Hectare. Tank mix 2 ml per litre.
 Application 1 – Few days before planting.
Application 2 – At bloom or new shoot growth.
Application 3 -- At fruit set,
Ratio: 1:100 or 1:500 for stressed plants every 10-15 days.

EFFECTIVE: Use ROYAL SUPER GROW for Effective at increasing plant mass through vigorous vegetative growth. Raise crop yields through the facilitation of protein formation. Effective against nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micro-nutrient deficiency.

 We along with our team has been specifically working and combining study from the Hydroponic, Aeroponic, and soil markets in India for sustainable, pollution and chemical free Agriculture. We are now NOCA, SATTVIK Certified Manufacturing Company.

ALLBATA:”s Royal Super Grow is a unique NOCA, SATTVIK Certified product.

Effective at increasing plant mass through vigorous vegetative growth. Raise crop yields through the facilitation of protein formation. Effective against nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micro-nutrient deficiency.
100% Plant derived solution
 Non-Hazardous and bio degradable solution
40% better yield than conventional/chemical based fertilizers
 Less product consumption compared to conventional products

Mix the required amount of Royal Super Grow in water with sufficient agitation to maintain a uniform suspension in the spray or mixing tank. Tank should be cleaned prior to use. Do not use highly alkaline or highly acidic water to mix sprays. Use a buffering agent if necessary to maintain neutrality (pH 6 to 8) of water in the tank. Maintain agitation during application.
Apply immediately after mixing; do not allow spray mix to stand overnight.
Royal Super Grow can be mixed and used with other agricultural chemicals for which such mixing is permitted by the product labels.

Foliar Spray:
When To Foliar Spray
The best time to spray is late in the afternoon or in the early dawn, when temperatures are mild and wind is minimal. When wind is minimal, finely atomized sprays drift readily. This is most desirable. Absorption is further enhanced when weather conditions are humid and moist. The presence of dew on leaves facilitates foliar feeding. Absorption is maximized when the spray coats the underside of leaves where the majority of the stomata are located.

When Not To Foliar Spray
It is best not to use this method when it is windy and dry. When the air temperature reaches or exceeds 80° F, absorption is very poor, because plant stomata are closed. Avoid spraying during the height of solar indexing (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM) to avoid burning the leaves.

Application Equipment:
You can use any kind of sprayer to apply foliar bio stimulants or pesticides, keeping in mind that
You want the finest mist possible. The finer the mist, the more easily it will be absorbed by the
Stomata openings. Hand pump sprayers or even hose-end sprayers will work just fine.

# Why the need for Natural Products?
Presently, Indian soil lacks essentials macro minerals like – Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium and macro nutrients like – Iron, Manganese, Copper and Zinc. As a result, both the root growth and respiration are affected negatively.
Furthermore, the addition of chemical pesticides adds to chemical degradation and crop waste.
Soil degradation has emerged as a rising concern for our country and its population. According to Indian Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, around 25 million hectares of soil has been degraded due to acidification and salinity (both caused by excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides).
Recent studies have revealed a not-so-surprising effect of excessive chemical fertilizer use on India’s soil. As per a research by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), one-third of Indian soil has degraded due to injudicious use of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Our products improve the yield in comparison to a chemical fertilizer by and same time improving the soil composition for continued improvement in the soil quality
  • Farmers can use our products for with 100% confidence for export purposes as our products are completely natural and have no chemical or pesticide residue
  • Since our products are completely natural and safe to use, there is no risk of cancer or other harmful dieses related to inhalation during the use of our products vis-à-vis chemical fertilizer and pesticides
  • Our products are clean, made of natural oils, hence there is no risk of dreadful dieses like Cancer, food poisoning, chemical residue etc. to the consumer of crops using our products

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