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Pesticides are popularly used as plant regulators, desiccants and defoliants. They are crucial in protecting crops from harmful pests and insects that can cause severe damage to your plantation. We Read more..

Pest-O-Care Organic Pesticide

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Dr. Bacto's TELYA KILL Bio Pesticides

Rs. 453.00 Rs. 954.00

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Smite Bio-Pesticide

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Rs. 760.00 Rs. 830.00

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Dr. Bacto's VBM Bio Pesticides

Rs. 453.00 Rs. 954.00

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Dr. Bacto's BACI THROW Bio Pesticides

Rs. 518.00 Rs. 1007.00

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Shera Bio Pesticide

Rs. 1850.00 Rs. 1940.00

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Marshal Bio-Pesticide

Rs. 4100.00 Rs. 4200.00

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What is the best time to spray pesticides?
It is recommended to apply pesticides during cooler periods of the day, such as early morning or evening. This gives it an ample amount of time for drying before temperatures rise. Moreover, caution should be taken with oil-based pesticides and application should be done before temperatures reach 85-90°F when plants can dry quickly.
What are the challenges of pesticides in agriculture?
The use of pesticides in agriculture may contaminate soil, water, turf and other vegetation. They can harm non-target organisms including birds, fish, and beneficial insects. 
What are the advantages of using pesticides in agriculture?
Pesticides help in boosting crop productivity, preventing yield losses, controlling vector-borne diseases and improving overall food quality. 

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