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ADHAAR (Amino Acid 20%) Plant Growth Regulator

Amruth Organic Fertilizers
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ADHAAR is a unique and innovative organic biotech formulation for plant growth and yield booster recommended for all crops. The formulation is enriched with readily available forms of protein, fortified with a range of vitamins, Auxins, & Cytokinin’s. Adhaar (Fish Amino-acid) when applied through foliar spray enhances the chlorophyll concentration which leads to a higher rate of photosynthesis and better yield.

Chemical Composition

Adhaar is a unique formulation contains Fish Amino acid powder- 80%, Cytokines-0.03% , Microbial metabolites & water. fish amino acid -80% which having organic nutritive Nitrogen value 13% w/w.

Technical specifications:
Contents parameters
Amino acid 20%
Protein 65% w/w
Water soluble nutritive nitrogen 13% w/w
Water soluble nutritive phosphorous 1% w/w
Water soluble nutritive potash 1% w/w


Method of Application: spray/Drip/FYM/Drenching with Soil.
Time of application: 10-15 days after planting /Germination before flowering / fruiting.
Dosage : Dissolve 1 litter Adhaar in 200-250 litter of water for drenching application or mix 1-2 ml of adhaar in one litter of water for foliar application.

  • Increases Photosynthesis & chlorophyll content
  • Improves fruit set & quality
  • Improves efficiency of plant protection
  • Helps better fruit setting
  • Promotes more flowering
  • Gives higher yield of superior quality.

Application On Crops

Cereals, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables and plantation crops.

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