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Green Gram (Moong) Seeds

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At Badikheti, we sell good quality Green Gram (Moong) seeds that are known for yielding a higher germination rate. Elevate your crop production with our top-grade Green Gram (Moong) seeds, available at competitive prices. 

Which seed is best for Green Gram (Moong)?       
The best seeds for green gram are the ones that are of high quality, disease free and certified by reputable seed companies. They should be genetically pure and have a high germination rate. 

Which month do you plant Green Gram (Moong)?     
The best time to plant Green Gram (Moong) is from May to June as it is a warm season crop and requires temperatures above 20°C for optimal growth. 

How long does it take to grow Green Gram(Moong) from seed?   
It takes around 100 to 120 days for Green Grams to grow from seed to maturity. However, various factors such as climate, soil conditions and moisture content can affect the time it takes for the crop to be ready for harvest. 

Does Green Gram (Moong) need a lot of water to grow? 
Green Gram (Moong) is a drought-tolerant crop, requiring minimal water, adapts to different soil and weather conditions and can be grown under rainfed or irrigated conditions, but requires adequate moisture during early growth and flowering for optimal yield.
How much water is needed for Green Gram (Moong) plant? 
Green Gram (Moong) is a drought-tolerant crop and is known to adapt well to multiple soil and weather conditions, so the total amount of water requirement is  300 mm to 400 mm.         

How many Green Gram (Moong) seeds are required per acre?            
Approximately 6-8 kg of Green Gram (Moong) seeds are needed per acre for planting depending on growing as well as planting conditions. 

How much Green Gram (Moong) can be produced from one acre by planting Green Gram seeds?         
The yield of Green Gram (Moong) per acre is typically between 4-5 quintals when planted with 6-8 kg of seeds.    

How much do Green Gram (Moong) seeds cost?   
The cost of Green Gram (Moong) seeds varies depending on factors such as location, time of year, and much more. On average, it can cost anywhere from 25-470 rupees per kg of Green Gram seeds. 
What is the height of the Green Gram (Moong) plant?        
The height of a green gram (moong) plant can vary but typically ranges from 5 to 6 feet. 

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