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Bio-pesticides are used to control agricultural pests with the help of natural compounds obtained from microorganisms and plants. We provide a wide variety of bio-pesticides that provide effective Read more..

Dr. Bacto's TELYA KILL Bio Pesticides

Rs. 453.00 Rs. 954.00

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Smite Bio-Pesticide

Rs. 1500.00 Rs. 1530.00

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Dr. Bacto's VBM Bio Pesticides

Rs. 453.00 Rs. 954.00

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Dr. Bacto's BACI THROW Bio Pesticides

Rs. 518.00 Rs. 1007.00

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Shera Bio Pesticide

Rs. 1850.00 Rs. 1940.00

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Marshal Bio-Pesticide

Rs. 4100.00 Rs. 4200.00

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What are the advantages of biopesticides in agriculture?
Biopesticides offer various agricultural benefits including soil protection from certain harmful chemicals like fluoroacetamide. They even minimize the risk of skin irritation to both humans and animals.
How biopesticides are used in organic farming?
In organic farming, biopesticides consist of living organisms like parasites, predators, fungi, bacteria and viruses. These agents can help to minimize crop damage by interrupting the life cycle of insect pests. 
What are the limitations of biopesticides?
Biopesticides have certain limitations such as host specificity, requiring additional control measures, precise timing of application, delayed mortality and storage issues.

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