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Shrungi Bioboost Plant Growth Regulator - Immunity Booster for All Plants (Liquid)

Arya Biotechnologies
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Specific variety of aloe vera extract along with seaweed & biological inputs undergo fermentation process. This process results in a unique formulation called, BIOBOOST! It contains minerals, phytochemicals, enzymes, proteins, aloins & polysaccharides derived from natural ingredients.


  • One of the ingredients, Aloe vera is a deterrent for pests.
  • Better development of grains/ fruits.
  • Natural enzymes result in enhanced photosynthesis.
  • Reduction in the fruit & flower drop.
  • Develops strong immune system.
  • Due to natural adhesive present in BIOBOOST, it is not easily washed away by rain water.
  • BIOBOOST was tested on cotton crop for bioefficacy studies in Mahatma Phule Agriculture University, Rahuri, India. More than 20% increase in the yield was reported after the application.
  • Aloe vera gel develops strong immune system.Natural aloin content in Aloe vera acts as deterrent for pests
  • Rich in natural minerals derived from sea-weed, stimulates root development  & increases yield
  • An all-round stimulant for all crops, provides phyto-hormones for growth for ornamentals like rose, tulip, carnation, tuberose, agave
  • It induces natural hormone function, develops immunity against weeds and diseases
  • IMMUNITY BOOSTER for all crops
  • Facilitates early harvest and CROP CYCLE
Dosage : 
  • Add 3 to 5 ml SHRUNGI BIOBOOST in1 liter of water and spray on the plant OR apply through drip irrigation/drenching near the root zone and cover it by soil.

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