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Dr. Bacto's 5G BACTUS Bio Capsule, Effective Against Many Plants Fungal Infections

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Dr. Bacto’s5G Bactus Bio capsules

Bacillus spp. (CFU Minimum - 5 × 109 cells per gram)

Chemical Composition:

This product contains Bacillus spp. effective against many plants' fungal infections and prevent the growth of other plant pathogenic organisms.

Total Viable Count - Minimum 5 × 109 CFU per gram of capsule content.

Content: This packet contains two strips (each containing 5 capsules). One is having given bio fungicide bacteria and the other is a food kit (rich in nitrogen, carbon, vitamins, pH reducer, spreader, etc.) required for better growth of these bacteria.

Recommended Crops: For All Crops.

Dosage, Direction for use, and Manner and time of application: 5 Bio fungicide Capsules with 5 food kit capsules /Acre.

The direction of Use: Dissolve 5 Capsules of bio fungicide and 5 capsules of food kit in 15 liters of clean warm water for 1 hour until it gets dissolved completely. Then dilute it to 200 liters of water and spray for one acre.

Weather Condition (in general): This should be used during favorable weather conditions and should not be used during extreme weather conditions.

Manner and Time of Application:

Spray the freshly prepared solution on the crop on initiation of disease incidence preferably in the early morning or evening hours.

Safety Precaution:

1. Avoid inhalation and skin contact while diluting because of spillage or splashes.

2. Do not mix with bare hands.

3. After each operation, the mixing and spraying equipment is to be rinsed thoroughly with plenty of water and detergent or soap solution before being put to use for spraying other pesticides.

4. The user should use full protective clothing which includes rubber gloves boots, either a face shield or dust mask, and an overall rubber apron, hood, or hat.

5. Do not smoke, eat or drink during handling and application.

Storage Conditions:

1. The packages containing the Bio-fungicide shall be stored in separate rooms or premises away from the rooms or premises used for storing other articles, particularly articles of food, or shall be kept in separate almirahs under lock and key depending upon the quantity and nature of the Bio-fungicide.

2. The rooms or premises meant for storing the Bio-fungicide shall be well built, dry, well-lit and ventilated, and of sufficient dimension to avoid contamination with its vapors.

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