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Dr. Bacto's VERTIGO 4K is a biological Insecticide containing Verticillium Lecanii based on dextrose base technology

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Dr. Bacto’s Verti 4K is a biological Insecticide containing Verticillium Lecanii 1.15 % W.P. which controls mealybugs of citrus. These are natural mortality agents and environmentally safe used for biological control of insects and other arthropod pests.

Benefits: It is used for biological control of mealybugs of citrus in agricultural fields.

Crops and Pest Groups: Citrus-Mealy bugs.

Weather Condition (in general): It should be used in favorable weather conditions and should not be used in extreme weather conditions.

Dosage: Foliar application - 1 to 1.5 grams per liter of water (250-500 gram per acre).

Spore count (CFU per gram Minimum)

1 × 109 CFU per gm

Application Timing: Morning and evening hours.

The stage during which pesticide should not be applied on any crop: Not to be applied during crop maturity and just before crop harvest.