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Humi Pro 12 (Humic Acid 6%+Fulvic Acid 6%) Bio-stimulant

Hifield Organics Inc.
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•    This product enhances the soil structure, workability and make it ideal for practicing healthy farming.
•    Use of this increases soil porosity and also aerates the soil making it suitable for growing crop.
•    Promote the growth of shoot and white fibrous root.
•    Improves the chlorophyl content and brings uniform crop/plant development.
•    Enhances overall crop yield and quality.

Product Activity:
Improving soil fertility, increasing the strength of white fibrous roots, conditioning the soil, and improving plant immunity and vitality, our Humic and Fulvic Derivative Products can do it all. 

Legal Disclaimer
    Use the product as directed on the product. The company does not claim any kind of specific result of the product. 

Foremost Information
•    Store the product in a cool and dry place.
•    Keep the product away from heat and flames.
•    Avoid direct sunlight. 

Precautionary Information:
•    Avoid contact with mouth, eyes and skin. 
•    If swallowed then immediately consult the doctor.
•    Keep it away from foodstuff and reach of abnormal people and children. 

Crops :-  All crops vegetable, flower gardens, orchards, turf grass, Fruits (Horticulture),Hydrophonics Green House Crops etc.
1)Dosage :- 1 to 2 ML / Ltr, Suitable for Drip, Folliar Spray, Drenching,
2)Spray Interval :- Sowing  And after every 20 days  
3)Spray Number Of Times :- 3 times

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