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AMRUTH FULVO RICH - 100% Water Soluble Organic Fulvic Acid Bio Stimulant

Amruth Organic Fertilizers
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  • AMRUTH FULVO RICH is an advanced plant tonic that help to increase the rate of metabolism of the plant. It enhances the metabolic process of plants results in an increases in yield.
  • Fulvic acid liquid, solutions are very compatible and stable over a broad range of PH (0.5-14)and can be mixed with any liquid fertilizer.
  • It can be used as compound foliar fertilizer as well as the main carrier or additive for other liquid fertilizer.
  • Used for effective growth booster fertilizer for Indoor-Outdoor plants, Lawns, Trees, Shrubs.
  • Fulvic acid is an effective way to increase plant strength and crop yields without using synthetic compounds.
  • It helps in better chelation which makes more nutrients available to your crops.
  • Fulvic acid increases yield, creates stronger plants and safe for all plants.
  • The bio stimulants fulvic acid facilitates the nutrient penetration into the plant system and boosts the antioxidants enzyme activity which provides stress tolerance to plant.
  • Fulvic acid helps crops reach their true potential by managing nutrient efficiency, improving plant defense mechanisms, and enhancing crop performance.
  • Suitable for: cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables, and plantation crop
  • Composition: contents    parameters
  • Humic acid    3%
  • Amino acid    1%
  • Seaweed    1%
  • Fulvic acid    20%
  • Method of application: spray/ Drip/ FYM/ drenching with soil.
  • Time of application: 10-15 days after planting/ germination before flowering/ fruiting.
  • Dosage: dissolve 1 litre in 200-250 liter of water for drenching
  • Application or mix 1-2 ml of AMRUTH FULVO RICH in one liter of water for foliar application.

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