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MONO POTASSIUM PHOSPHATE 00-52-34 Water Soluble Fertilizers

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MONO POTASSIUM PHOSPHATE 00-52-34 Water Soluble Fertilizers Details :- 
  • Nano technology-based fertilizer
  • Technical Content :  MONO POTASSIUM PHOSPHATE 0-52-34
  • It is a completely water-soluble Nano-fertilizer with adequate amounts of the primary nutrients Phosphorous and Potassium. It is used in the form of foliar spray and drip irrigation to meet Phosphorous and Potassium deficiency at any stage of plant growth. It is useful for all crops. It can be mixed with insecticide and fungicide product.
  • Increases the size, brightness, color uniformity and taste of the fruit.
  • Inspires the formation of fruits and flowers.
  • Protects from adverse weather and pest attacks.
  • Reduces flower and fruit drop.
  • Suitable for pre-bloom as well as post-bloom applications.
  • It is recommended for all Crops like Cereals, Vegetable, top fruits, spices and medicinal crop etc
  • NA
  • 200 gm/acre (2 GM PER LITRE WATER)
Additional Information
  • Mix 20 gm of powder into one pump (15 Litre of water) and spray at active growth stages.
  • For best results apply 2 foliar sprays
  • 1st spray at active tillering / branching stage (30-35 Days after Germination or 20-25 Days after Transplanting)
  • 2nd spray 20-25 days after 1st spray or before flowering in the crop.
  • Number of sprays can be increased depending upon crop and its NPK requirement.

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