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STIKKER PLUS Non Ionic and Silicone based Spreader

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Stikker Plus: Non-toxic, Spreader, Sticker, and Penetrator based on Non-ionic surfactants & Silicone compounds. Eco friendly, Silicon Based Spreader, Sticker, & Penetrator STIKKER PLUS is a non-toxic, Spreader, Sticker, and Penetrator, based on Non-ionic surfactants & Silicone compounds. It has a good wetting, sticking & spreading action when used along with foliar sprays of crop nutrition & protection products. STIKKER PLUS has proven efficacy as sticking, spreading and penetrating agent when used during foliar sprays of crops. Technical Content: Surfactants – 52.5%, Mode of Action: • The active surfactants lower the surface tension of water in contact with theleaf-surface. • This results in uniform wetting of leaves & improves absorption of fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides & micro-nutrients by crops Method of Application & Dosage: Foliar Spray: STIKKER PLUS 0.5 ml / 1 lit of the ready-to-spray solution of crop nutrient or protection products. Other applications: Can be used for soft-bodied, sucking insect control at higher dosage. Advantages: • Extremely active on surface of leaves & fruits of crops • Effectively improves absorption of crop-protection products • Easy to use & Cost-effective • Non-toxic & Residue-free product

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