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BEE-MICRO (Nanotechnology based Plant Nutrition)

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Product Features: • BEE-MICRO is a specially formulated unique combination of primary, macro and micro minerals in Colloidal Nanometer form embedded in Protein Hydrolysates and encapsulated by Biopolymers. • Colloidal Nano minerals do not have to undergo disintegration and dissolution as a result they have enhanced absorption capability. • BEE-MICRO is in the form that is absorbed by the amino acid transport system and delivered in bio-assimilable form similar to that required for absorption in plants. • When applied it vitalizes crop growth and makes them healthier and greener. It also improves crop immune system against pest and disease attack and increases fertility in plants. • Increases the levels of energy, water and nutrient holding capacity. Enhances abiotic stress tolerance in plants and meets the demands of high yielding varieties • BEE-MICRO is a perfect solution for fulfilling the need of trace elements for the plants and improves the crop health. • BEE-MICRO is an eco-friendly formulation, 100% biodegradable, bioavailable and residue-free and does not harm pollinators, natural predators and beneficial insects. For All Crops Application: • 2ml per Liter of water through foliar spraying. • For NFT(Hydroponics): mix 0.75ml to 1ml per liter of water. • Repeat application every 15 to 20 days. • Shake well before use. • Time of spray: At early morning or late evening. Active Ingredients: Nano Zinc 1.5% Nano Iron 1.25% Nano Copper 0.25% Nano Manganese 0.5% Nano Potassium 1% Nano Magnesium 0.25% Nano Boron 0.25% Nano Molybdenum 0.05% Nano Sulphur 0.25% Compatibility: Do not mix with any other product. (BEE-MICRO does not come under the Fertilizer Act (FCO)/ Fertilizer regulatory or Schedule of Insecticides Act (CIB)/ Pesticides regulatory) Disclaimer: Please note, the result may vary depending on the climatic conditions, soil conditions and application. NanoBee is not liable for any direct or indirect loss whatsoever resulting from improper use of the product or non-compliance with the instruction for use

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