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Maxplus pheromone Trap with Melon Fly (bactocera cucurbitae) Lure for cucurbits Crops - Pack of 5

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If farmers set a trap before the flowering process starts, it will be easier to control the number of pests in the fields. After Installation trap can be used for long time. we have to change the Lure After 60 days . Best trapper Used for cucurbits crops like Melon , Musk Melon , cucumber , pumpkin , snake gourd , Ridge Gourd , Bitter Gourd , Bottle Gourd etc. Best Gift for home Gardening Lovers and Farmers to make there plant free from pest & insects . No Need to use insecticides and pesticides. Maxplus/macphill pheromone trap Only attract targeted Pest , Not Harmful for Beneficial Farm Insects like Honey bees , Lady bug , Praying Mantis , etc. Weather Proof and long Lasting / Leak Proof Pouch Design of bactrocera cucurbitae catcher (Melon Fly Lure) Made with 99.99% Pure Blends Which attract Male & Female Both Files. Description"

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