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Combo Pack Of Bio PHERO RF - Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus (Red Palm Weevil) Lures & Bucket Trap Sets

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Contents: One pheromone lure of Rhynchophorus ferrugineus
Identification- Eggs are oval and creamy white in colour. Eggs laid in scooped out small cavities, wounds and other cut injuries on the trunk Light yellowish grub without legs. Stout, fleshy and apodous with a conical body bulged in middle and tapering towards the end. The full frown larva pupates inside the stem and fibrous cocoon made out of fibrous strands. Full grown Reddish brown weevil has six dark spots on thorax. Male has conspicuous long snout has a tuft of hairs.
Life Cycle - The adult female lays approximately two hundred eggs at the base of young leaves, or in open lesions on the plant. The egg hatches into a white, legless larva. The larva will feed on the soft fibres and terminal buds, tunneling through the internal tissue of the tree for about a month. The larvae can occasionally grow to a length of six to seven centimeters. At pupation, the larva will leave the tree and form a cocoon at the base of the tree. The total life cycle takes about 7–10 weeks. The neonate larvae are yellow-white, segmented, legless, and have a chitinous head capsule that is a darker brown than the rest of the body. They have powerful horizontal conical jaws which they use to burrow from the axils of the leaves to the crown, where they feed voraciously. Upon completion of larval development, the larva will sometimes emerge from the trunk of the tree. The adult insect is an excellent flier and is able to travel great distances while they prefer to attack palms that are already infested or weakened by other stresses, they will colonize healthy palms.
Nature of Damage - The hole can be seen on the stem with chewed up fibres protruding out, Many times reddish brown liquid can be seen oozing out from the hole. The grubs cause damage inside the stem or crown by feeding on soft tissues and often cause severe damage especially when a large number of them bore into the soft, growing parts. In case of severe infestation the inside portion of trunk is completely eaten and become full of rotting fibres.
In case of young palms the top withers while in older palms the top portion of trunk bends and ultimately breaks at the bend (wilting). Sometimes the gnawing sound produced by the feeding grubs inside will also be audible. In the advanced stage of infestation yellowing of the inner whorl of leaves occur.
Target Plants - Coconut
Usage Instruction

  • Cut open this pack and slide the lure piece outside. Do not touch the lure by bare hands.
  • Fix this lure properly in trap by sliding it in the hole provided in the bucket trap.
  • Replace the lure at the recommended duration.
  • Wash hand thoroughly before and after handling trap and lure.
  • Discard used lure by burning or burying underground.

Trap to be used : Bucket Trap

Number of traps per Acre: 1-2

Life of Lure : 180 Days

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