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Combo Pack of Bio PHERO OR - Oryctes Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros Beetle) Lures & Bucket Trap Sets

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Contents: One pheromone lure of Oryctes rhinoceros

Identification - The larval stages are usually yellowish-white in colour and may grow to about 60-100 mm long, or more. The maximum head capsule width is about 10.6-11.4 mm. Stout-looking adults, dark brown to black, shiny, 35-50 mm long and 20-23 mm wide, with a prominent horn on head. The males having a relatively longer horn than the female. The males can be differentiated more accurately by having a rounded, shiny terminal abdominal segment while the female has a relatively hairier 'tail'.
Life Cycle - Adult females deposit eggs inside decaying plant material, soil with high organic matter content, and, occasionally, wooden structures. In 11 days, eggs hatch into larvae which begin feeding on organic material. Eleven to 15 weeks later, the larvae will have grown up to 16 times larger and have stopped eating, after which they enter the pupal stage and are immobile for approximately six weeks. Upon emerging, adults fly to a new tree, feed, and mate, sometimes mating just after their first feeding. Adults spend most of their time feeding on fresh leaves. Adult females live up to nine months, over which period they can lay up to 100 eggs. Since coconuts occur in regions where there is no cold season and a minimal dry season, the beetles can be active and reproductive throughout the year.
Nature of Damage - They bore into the crown of the palm resulting in wedge shaped or "V" cuts in the fronds that unfurl. The beetle feeds on tissue juices. Some of the crushed fiber is pushed outside the entrance hole, where it indicates the insect's presence. In India damage of inflorescence is also reported in severely infested areas which cause reduction in yield up to 10%.
Target Plants - Coconut, Areca nut, etc.
Usage Instruction

  • Cut open this pack and slide the lure piece outside. Do not touch the lure by bare hands.
  • Fix this lure properly in trap by sliding it in the hole provided in the bucket trap.
  • Replace the lure at the recommended duration.
  • Wash hand thoroughly before and after handling trap and lure.
  • Discard used lure by burning or burying underground.

Trap to be used : Bucket Trap

Number of traps per Acre: 1-2

Life of Lure : 120 Days

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