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Combo Pack of Bio Phero MV - Maruca Vitrata (Legume Pod Borer) Lures & Delta Trap Sets

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Contents: Pheromone lure of Maruca vitrata (Legume pod borer)
Identification and Life cycle
 Eggs of the pod borer are pale cream and flattened. The eggs are laid on or in the flowers (inserted between the petals). Each female can lay up to 200 eggs.
Larva: Larvae are pale cream with two rows of distinctive paired black markings on their back. In the final instar, these markings are often very pale. Larvae can reach 18 mm in length. Young larvae feed inside flowers for 5-7 days before moving to the pods. After completing their development (10-15 days from egg hatch), larvae exit pods and pupate in the soil.
Adult: Moths have a 20-25 mm wingspan and a slender body. They have brown forewings with a white band extending two-thirds down the wing from the leading edge. Inside this band near the leading edge is a white spot. They live for an average of 6-10 days.
Nature of damage - After hatching, the young larvae of Maruca vitrata (1st, 2nd and 3rd instars) especially injure the terminal shoots and the flower buds whereas the older larvae (4th and 5th larval instars) particularly damage the open flowers and the pods. The larvae feed from inside a webbed mass of leaves, flowers, flower buds and pods. This concealed feeding habit protects the larvae from natural enemies and insecticides. Older larvae are highly mobile, feeding continuously on flowers and newly formed pods and causing severe damage throughout the reproductive cycle of the crop. Larvae move from one flower to another, and each may consume 4 - 6 flowers before larval development is completed.
Target crops: French bean, Cowpeas, Pigeon peas and long Yard beans.
Usage Instruction

  • Cut open this pack and slide the lure piece outside. Do not touch the lure by bare hands.
  • Fix this lure properly in Delta / Water trap.
  • Replace the lure at the recommended duration.
  • Wash hand thoroughly before and after handling trap and lure.
  • Discard used lure by burning or burying underground.

Trap to be use: Delta / Water trap
No. of trap /acre: 7 - 8
Life of Lure: 60 Days

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