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3 in 1 Natural Pest Control Organic Pesticide for Plants and Garden + Indoor Home Insecticide Spray Flower Fruit Vegetable Concentrated

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Product Description –
  • It is Cost effective 3 in 1 product. it is a New Technology ORGANIC PESTICIDE solution with Its Unique 3 in 1 Action. Firstly it Protects PLANT and its FLOWERS and VEGETABLES and removes RED ANTS , COCKROACHES, BED BUGS , SPIDERS , TERMITES , RED MITES , MOSQUITO of DENGUE AND MALERIA AND all Sucking pest including APHIDS, JASSIDS, THRIPS , WHITE FLY and other garden insects .it protects your HOME & GARDEN.
  • Secondly this PESTICIDE INSECTICIDE has effective TERMITE TREATMENT for walls or wood/woodsheild. It removes temites & cockroach for indoor in kitchen sinks & outdoor garden and other areas.

  • Third - Its natural spray solution gives protection from DENGUE AND MALERIA MOSQUITOS and protect you and your children from these dangerous mosquitos .its. new Technology ORGANIC SPRAYER SOLUTION does not harm soil nutrients and insects have no prior resistence against it.
  • it is 100% ORGANIC and FULLY WATER SOLUBLE.IT comes in a. 80ml,250ml,500ml bottle.can be used direct application or with pesticide sprayer (optional) . 3 in 1 Money Saver Product under 500 with features of 3 products in a single product.
  • Application : Add 10ml solution to 10 Liter water and spray with the. help of sprayer or simply apply to all areas in home garden plant office indoor outdoor.
One Product with The Qualities of 3
  1. Widely used for Plants and Home Garden
Protect your Plants from all Major types of Pests and Help Them Grow. Tested and Proved to be Effective for All Major Types of Plants , Vegetable , Fruit and Flowering Plants For your Home Garden & Agricultural Use
  1. Pest control In Household Indoor Areas
It is perfect for Kitchen , Terrence , Veranda etc - In Indoor Areas Like in Windows , Flooring , Wooden Surfaces . Has the Capability to Protect
you from the Severe Pest Attacks.
  1. In Outdoor Pest Control
It Protects your Place from the Mosquitos including severe Species like of Anopheles Mosquitoes ( Malaria and Dengue Spreading Mosquitoes ) , Also spraying it at Places with Still Water ( Where these Mosquito Breed ) Ensures Complete Safety to you and your Kids.
  • It is a very High Concentration Of Mixtures of Organic Oils , Each Batch is Tested in Various Stages - and with the Prescribed Dosage it Can Completely Eliminate all types of Sucking Pests Like Aphids, leafhoppers , Thrips , whitefly , flies , bugs , mites.
  • It Completely Ends Pest Attacks of Cockroach , Bedbug , Termites ( All Three Types ) , Red Ants , Spiders and many more species.
  • It is a All in One Organic Solution for Insect / Pest Control which is super powerful and highly Concentrated.
We at Katyayani Always believe at Premium Quality with Value for Money.
  • Its Dosage is Only 4 ml Per Liter Water That means 200 ml ( 2 Bottles of 100 ml Each ) Can make 50 Liters Solution Easily. For Agricultural Purposes it is recommended at a lighter dose of 2 ml Per Liter Water only thus 1 Set is Enough for upto 1 Acre of field.
  • This much solution Is enough for a Average House Garden to Last for Upto 8 Months after using it at your Garden and also in indoor region.
How to Use?
  • Take 4 ml of Liquid and Mix with 1 Litre Water and Spray anywhere , On plants , House , Outdoor & Indoor .Dilute The mixture in the same ration for bigger area.
  • It is a natural and effective substitute for harmful chemical pest control.