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Utkarsh Home (Kitchen) Garden Kit (A Natural & Organic Solution for Your Home Garden) Organic Fertilizers

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• Utkarsh Home (Kitchen) Garden kit is an organic solution for all problems of your garden.
• Utkarsh Home (Kitchen) Garden Kit helps you flourish your own organic garden. It Preserves your health by providing you residue free fruits, vegetables and flowers.
• Utkarsh Home (Kitchen) Garden kit consists of 7 different solution to solve different problems namely: 1) Soil-H:- Nutrients and beneficial soil inoculants – Unique soil health restorer 2) Root Enhancer:- Seaweed derivatives, Humic and fulvic substance and vitamins for the growth of the roots. – Stimulates rooting of the plants. 3) Fung-C:- Contains spores, mycelia fragments and vegetable cells of the microbial consortia. – Protection from leaf spots and fungal diseases. 4) Karanz:- Pongamia Extract – Protection from sucking insects. 5) Neemoz-P:- Active neem extract – Protection from caterpillar. 6) O2:- Oxygen liberating substance. – Improves root respiration. 7) Pot Mix :- Humic and Fulvic substance with enriched soil supplement. – Natural pot mix.
• Packaging Available : 5 Pot’s, 10 Pot’s, 15 Pot’s.

 How to use :

  • To restore soil health use O2 and Soil-H. To stimulate the rooting of plants use Root Enhancer, it gives result faster than the chemical fertilizer. To protect plant from insects and disease use Karanz , Neemoz-P , and Fung-C. To solve suppliments use Potmix.