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Organic Humate Soil Conditioner from USA by Organic Elements

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Organic Humate Soil Conditioner from USA by Organic Elements Details:
Organic Elements Humate is 100% organic soil, and can be utilized as a soil conditioner and soil supplement under various conditions and climates. It is the purest form of natural organic matter and one of the most complex substances on earth known to man. Humate is the natural decomposition of all plants and animals, naturally and biologically processed for 65-100 million years. We mine these deposits and provide to all farmers, horticulturists, professional landscapers, vineyards, and home gardeners with an objective of an organic, sustainable approach to improving the soil. Humate is essential for life, the life of the soil, the life of plants, and the life of mankind, because only good soil can make good plants, good crops and good food, and a better healthy world. So here we bring actual Kala Sona for you
Our land lost its fertility due to prolonged and excess use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Why are we using chemicals and pesticides? The reason is our soil is not good or not fertile. However Organic Element Humate can improve fertility and immunity of our soil, nutrition uptake by plants and increase root growth. In fact, it’s not a fertilizer, but it can be used along with any fertilizers and gradually it will reduce the continuous use of fertilizers.

1. Improves soil structure.
2. Enhances the availability and uptake of nutrients.
3. Humate is 100% organic and detoxifies various pollutants in the soil (herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.)
4.  Minimizes plant stress & Improved plant quality.
5.  Increases water-holding and moisture retention in soils
6.  Increases Crop Yields
7.  Increases Root Growth
8.  Enhanced Natural Defences, Decrease chemical fertilizers use by up to 50%.
9. Stimulate plant metabolism & Give a positive effect on plant RNA & DNA.

Direction to Use:

  • Home Planting: Use 2-4 Scoop/plant (20-40 gm). Mix in the soil before sowing. Add 1 Scoop every 2 months for best results.
  • Standard Farming: Use 20Kg per Acre. Mix in the soil before sowing.
  • Organic Farming: Use 40Kg per Acre. 20Kg before sowing, and 20Kg after flowering.

Dosage Manual:

  • 3 Months Crops: 20Kg before Sowing.
  • 6 Months Crops: 20Kg before Sowing & 20Kg before flowering.
  • 9 Months Crops: 20Kg before Sowing, 20Kg on Flowering, 20Kg while fruiting.
  • Grapes: 20Kg Pruning stage, 20Kg at preparation & 20kKg after flowering.

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