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FLOWERBLOOM Organic Fertilizer - Flower Booster Provides All Essential Multi Micro nutrients for All Flowering Plants

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FLOWERBLOOM Organic Flower Booster Provides All Essential Multi Micro nutrients for All Flowering Plants Details:
  • Flower Bloom is formulated with a 100% organic blend of minerals- Humic and Fulvic, to enrich the soil and enhance the Blooming and Growth of the Flowers instantly. A liquid formula derived from natural extracts, which is proven and tested for enhanced growth of Flowers.
  • For all indoor, and outdoor potted plants and farming, enrich the soil and enhance beneficial microbes that help in nitrogen fixation. 100% pure minerals and proteins that spread uniformly and cover a large area than any other fertilizer.
An Incarnation of Organic Elements: India’s first OMRI certified humate which is tested and accepted globally as the best input for better growth and extra yield.
  • Promotes and prolongs Flowering
  • Better Blooming of Flowers and more Yield.
  • Stimulates abundant Flowers.
  • Increases fertility of Soil and Crop yield.
  • Enhance microbes' growth.
  • Increases water holding capacity.
  • Increases the Germination of Seeds.
  • White Root development.
  • Increases the immunity of plants.
  • Source of direct nutrients.
  • Maintains the pH level of the water and soil.


Soil: 1-2 L / acre

  • Suggested once every 15-20 days.

Foliar: 2 ml/1 L of water every two weeks during the vegetation period.
Applicable also for Seeds and Hydroponics.: These are standard recommendations that can vary according to soil properties, cultivated crops, and local system conditions.
For Agriculture use only: No harm to the environment. Shake the bottle before use. Keep safe from children.
Disclaimer: Since the use of the product is beyond our control, we cannot assume or take any responsibility, other than the uniform quality of the product.


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