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  • Engimins Nanowise Starter Liquid Organic Fertilizer (Starter nutrition for germination and establishment nutrition for crops in alkaline/calcareous soil)

Engimins Nanowise Starter Liquid Organic Fertilizer (Starter nutrition for germination and establishment nutrition for crops in alkaline/calcareous soil)

Arya Biotechnologies
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Farmers invest money, efforts, manhours, planning, technology and fuel at the time of crop cultivation. Unguarded in the soil, however, that investment may be at risk to a host of environmental threats.

To help each seed grain, seedling reach its full potential, particularly its most vulnerable early stage, a critical but sometimes overlooked defense is seed or seedling treatment and treatment during the early growth stages of the young plant. So, progressive farmers apply micronutrients at this stage. Nutripriming with minerals is gaining popularity these days due to numerous advantages and vast biofortification potential. Micronutrients are vital for plant growth and human health. Seed treatment, soil and foliar application are the most prevalent methods of micronutrient addition at early growth phase.

But inorganic mineral salts have unreliable solubility and poor bioavailability of the mineral. So, the need for precise and reliable resource for germination and establishment of crops was felt, which resulted in biotechnology innovation called, ENGIMINS-NANOWISE….!


The ability of a mineral to be utilized by the plants is primarily a matter of size. Cell permissible biomolecules in NANOWISE are not only absorbed, but also are assimilated (bio-available) by the plant cells wisely. So, these ENGIMINS are known as NANOWISE !

Benefits :-

  • NANOWISE ensures the crop has best possible START !
  • Auxins and hormones present in NANOWISE stimulate early seedling growth, shoot development, stem elongation, stand establishment and proper root development. NANOWISE advances phenological events.
  • Nutripriming with NANOWISE is an apt tool to alleviate possible malnutrition in youth growth of plants.
  • Early life NANOWISE treatment helps crops to tide over the hazards and difficulties that encountersduring its life cycle.
  • Bio-available nutrients in NANOWISE remain soluble longer in soil, thus the plant has more time for uptake.
  • Crops undergo a period of stress at the time of germination/cultivation phase. NANOWISE helps the crops  to overcome stress.
  • Being an easy and cost effective nutrient application, NANOWISE early crop treatments offer an attractive option for farmers.


Methods of Application :-

  • Seed Treatment – Mix 10 ml NANOWISE in 1 Kg of seeds and sow.
  • Cuttings/Rhizomes, settings, tubers treatment – Mix 20 ml NANOWISE in 1 liter water. Dip the cuttings, etc. for 15 minutes in the solution and cultivate.
  • Seedling treatment in nursery (At the time of transplantation) – Mix 20 ml NANOWISE in 1 liter water. Dip the saplings in this solution or spray this solution on saplings and cultivate.
  • Soil Application ( At the time of cultivation) – Dilute 5 ml NANOWISE in 1 liter water or apply apply 1 to 3 liter of NANOWISE in 1 acre area through drip irrigation/ drenching at the root zone.
  • Foliar spray – Dilute 3 to 5 ml NANOWISE in 1 liter water.

1st Spray – Immediately at germination or field emergence

2nd Spray – 30-40 days after 1st spray or sowing/transplantation.

Note :- NANOWISE can be co-applied with other early crop treatments.

For calcaresus soil: Apply 3 times during vegetative growth stage & reproductive stage.

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