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ENGIMINS NANOWISE- DISTRESS Liquid Organic Fertilizer (To de-stress the crops on alkaline soil)

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Crop production is often restricted by the pH of the soil and phyto-availability of the minerals. Phyto-availability controls the transfer of minerals from soil to plant. As soil pH rises, minerals bond to the soil particles or become insoluble resulting in reduced uptake by plant roots.
Inherent factors affecting the soil pH such as climate, mineral content and soil texture can not be changed. So, ensuring a proper and specific nutrient supply to crops is the part of curative strategy.
But nutrients applied through soil are not assimilated entirely by plant roots, due to interaction between soil and nutrients. So, spray application of leaves is a solution to fill an insufficient level of root assimilation. But some of the mineral salts have unreliable solubility and poor bioavailability of the mineral. They often give spoty results because of limited penetration of the mineral into leaves. Potential way to micronutrient fertilization is to replace the traditional chelating agents by novel ligands, especially with those having less environmental impact.
So, specific minerals are needed to de-stress the crops on alkaline soil. This need resulted in biotechnology innovation called, NANOWISE – DESTRESS….! Organic salts in NANOWISE – DESTRESS are capable of supplying nutrients in absorbable condition at lower dosages.
The ability of a mineral to be utilized by the plants is primarily a matter of size. Cell permissible biomolecules in NANOWISE are not only absorbed, but also are assimilated (bio-available) by the plant cells wisely. So, these ENGIMINS are known as NANOWISE !

Benefits :-

  • Bio-available, water soluble biodegradable and eco-friendly.
  • The natural biostimulant present in it stimulates overall growth of crops in alkaline soil.
  • It helps the plants to withstand draught stress and dry spell.
  • Improved photosynthesis, improved nitrogen and phosphorous uptake and utilization.
  • Improved plant breathing process.
  • NANOWISE maintains soil pH and EC (at the root zone) by counter- balancing the excess alkaline salts in the soil.

Methods of Application :-
Apply at 3 ml to 5 ml per liter of water through foliar spray, 3-4 times during vegetative growth stage and reproductive stage.

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