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Anand Neem (EC 300 PPM 0.03%) Use To Improve Resistance In Plants

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Dr. Anand neem 0.03 %

Product description: - Dr. Anand-Neem 0.03% is a highly effective bio-insecticide prepared from azadirachtin 300 P.P.M. and neem seeds kernels extract which effectively controls leaf-eating caterpillars as well as sucking pests.

Mode of action:-

1) Antifeedant - Insects reduce appetite.

2) Repellent - Removes pests.

3) Growth regulator Larvae do not develop fully.

4) Laying of eggs It inhibits hatching of eggs

5) Safe for predators and parasites  Protects Eco-friendly insects, and controls the incidence of harmful insects.

Benefits :-  

1) Dr. Anand Neem 0.03% is a beneficial product for control of White fly, Thrips, Aphids, Jassids, Spider mites and other sucking pest.

2) Dr. Anand Neem 0.03% is useful for control of bollworms on cotton, pod borer in leguminous crop and Helicoverpa armigera in chickpea.

3) It destroys the eggs of moths and also kills the larvae in small stages.

4) It also reduced the incidence of leaf eating caterpillars in crops. 

5) This product is Eco-friendly and is beneficial for organic farming.

6) If the resistance doesn't occur in insects like other chemical insecticides.

7) Helps in the conservation of beneficial insects like Chrysopa, Ladybird Beetle, and Bees. This promotes natural pest control.

Application & dosage :- Foliar spray :-  3 to 5 ml / liter

Targeted crops :- All vegetables, fruits & other Crops

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