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Activated Neem Oil For All Types of Plants and Home Garden

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  • It is an cost effective New Technology 100% Organic Activated Neem Oil for plants with FAST RESULTS .It acts as a Insecticide / Fungicide / Miticide and is emulsifiable eco friendly and biodegradable.
  • It Contains Activated Neem oil which is effective for its 24 Hour – FAST Action as compared to regular oil because of its greater Penetration power. It is Specially Designed for all types of Plants  Home  Garden & Domestic uses in Kitchen etc.
  • It contains Activated Azadirachtin which effectively Repels and Controls aphids , Spider mites , fleas , fungus gnats , whiteflies , mosquito Beetles , Moth larvae , Mushroom flies , Leafminers , Caterpillars , Locus t, Nematodes Japanese beetle Also Controls Plant Diseases Like black spot , powdery mildew  anthracnose and rust fungi.
  • For Indoor & Outdoor Use on Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Herbs, Spices, Roses, Houseplants, Flowers, Trees, Lawns and Shrubs Home Garden or at indoor areas in Kitchen or other areas.
  • Recommended dosage is 5 ml/ liter of water. Add 1 liter water to 5 ml of solution and spray all over the plant every 4 days, in case of a pest/insect attack. Otherwise, apply Solution at once in every 12 days.Foliar Spray is recommended


It is a cost effective New Technology 100% Organic Activated Neem oil for plants with FAST RESULTS .Specially designed for fast results on all types of plants spray. Neem Oil is a naturally occurring safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable, anti-fungal and bio-pesticide found in seeds from the Neem (Azadirachata indica) tree.. Azadirachtin is the most active component in Neem Seed Oil which repels and kills a large number of insect-pest species. 100 % Pure, Organic, Natural, Filtered, Unrefined and Cold-Pressed can be applied to a wide variety of crops and ornamental plants for effectively reducing or killing pests and insects, and preventing powdery mildew on plants. It is a useful repellent for mites and controls over 200 species of chewing or sucking insects; yet does not harm the beneficial insects.

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