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Green CalBo (Ca - 6%, B - 2%) Liquid Nutrient Fertiliser Supplied for Foliar and Soil Application

Gassin Pierre
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GREEN CALBO (Ca 6%; B 2%)
  • An organic, liquid nutrient fertiliser supplied for Foliar and Soil application.
  • It enhances flower & fruit setting & checks fruit dropping.
  • It is an excellent dispersing agent when applied with other foliar spray chemicals.
  • Helps in supressing Ethylene developments.
  • Green Cal-Bo replenish Calcium & Boron deficiency easily.
  • It is completely available & absorbed by the leaf surface or root system because of Natural Complexing Properties of its Phenolic Acid chelating complex.
  • Calcium & Boron preserve consistency of cell wall, maintaining shape & lustre of the fruits.
  • Checks build-up of aging hormone and increases disease resistance & also checks physiological disorders like blossom end rot, cavity spot & tip burn.
  • Helps in metabolism of Nitrogen, Fat & Hormones.
  • Deters sucking insects.
GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Calcium (Ca) 6% & Boron (B) 2%
Mango, Grapes, Water Melon, Pomegranates, etc
Potatoes, Carrots, Tomato, Paddy, Wheat, Barley, Maize, Sweet Corn, Capsicum, Peppers.
Ornamental & Aquatic plants.
Vegetables – 0.5L- 0.75L/ Ha
Fruits – 1L/Ha
Field Crops – 1L/Ha
Others – 0.5L/Ha
Since the use of this product is beyond our control we cannot assume and any responsibility other than uniform quality of the product.
Harmful if swallowed. Avoid breathing the spray-mist. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing.
Keep out of reach of children.