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EPSOM SALT - (Magnesium Sulphate) Micro-Nutrient for Plants & Vegetables

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  • Your gardening secret: Katyayani Epsom salt is fine crystalline magnesium sulfate. It is that gardening secret that can amaze your neighbors. For plants, Epsom salt is natural and organic, which provides plants with magnesium and sulfur which improve plant health in many ways. Use it for household plants, shrubs, flowers, lawns, trees, fruit, and vegetables
  • For lush green plants and lawn grass, use it to prevent a yellowing lawn and create lusher, softer and greener grass. In plants, it prevents leaf curling. It increases the creation of chlorophyll and thus generation of food for plants, making plants healthier, more vigorous, bushier, greener, and more foliage
  • Sweeter, tastier fruits and vegetables: optimum level of magnesium and sulfur enables plants to produce sweeter and more delicious fruits and vegetables. Also, vegetables acquire a rich flavor. It particularly benefits tomato and peppers capsicum. Epsom salt boosts the nutrient uptake of plants it translates into vigorous plant growth and increased yields
  • Vibrant beautiful roses and flowers: roses love Katyayani salt. It makes the flowers vibrant, deepens the color, and achieves fuller blooms. It not only adds vivid and richer color to the flowers but also improves the strength of the plant as well, making the plant produce more buds and thus more blooms
  • Fertilize your garden using Katyayani Epsom salt. Looking for the wealthiest, most delicious fruits and vegetables this season? Add Epsom salt to your regular watering routine to boost flavor, color, and even size.

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