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Temephos 50% EC (TEMOS) Insecticide for Plants & Garden Control of mosquito larvae

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Description :
  • Katyayani Temos, Temephos 50% EC  is an organophosphate insecticide that is very effective for the control of mosquito larvae. It is also used for the control of some major arthropod vectors of human diseases, including cyclops spp., the vector of guinea worm diseases (Dracunculiasis) and nuisance insects.
  • Temos is very safe for Human and other non-target animals That has led to WHO and NVBDCP recommendations for its use in potable water.
  • Treatment area : Open water, swamps, marches etc with low organics contents. Heavily polluted water with high organic content or vegetative cover is dense , small area treatment.Lakes, pond,drainage, ditches and other mosquito breeding areas.
  • Dosage: 1.5 - 2 ml per Litre water.Repeat as necessary.Pour required amount of Temephos in to water stirring constantly use sufficient water for good coverage for any other purpose. Can be applied by air / ground equipment use sufficient water to give good coverage.Detailed Instructions to Use are available in Leaflet that is Provided with the  Product

Katyayani Temos Temephos 50% EC is an organophosphorus compound recognized as one of the most effective larvicides It effectively controls different species of mosquito larvae. Features: High effectiveness , Eco-friendliness
TEMEPHOS is a larvicide which effectively controls the vectors of human diseases such as Malaria, Onchocerciasis, Epidemic Typhus Fever, Filariasis, Dracunculiasis, Yellow Fever, Dengue and various other arbovirus diseases.

5-7.5 ml of Temephos50 EC is to be diluted in ten liters of water and sprayed over 500 m2 of clean water breeding sites, viz., shallow ponds, lakes, woodland ponds, etc.
10-15 ml of Temephos 50 % EC is to be diluted in ten liters of water and sprayed over 500 m2 of moderately polluted water breeding sites, viz., tidal water, marshes, swamps, etc.
15-20 ml of Temephos  50%EC is to be diluted in ten liters of water and sprayed over 500 m2 of heavily polluted water breeding sites, viz., drains, septic tanks, etc.
Mode of action
It acts as a contact poison. Once applied to the breeding site, it spreads well within the water body. It remains effective for one week.
Temos EC is very safe for humans and other non-target animals.