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  • Solomon Insecticide contains time-tested Imidacloprid and Beta- Cyfluthrin in an innovative oil dispersion formulation. It has a combination of systemic and contact properties which gives quick knockdown and anti-feeding effects. It is thus a broad segment insecticide for sucking and biting pests. The oil dispersion based on O-TEQ formulation (patent protected) ensures better rain fastness, optimized retention, and penetration activity.
  • Technical Content :    Beta-Cyfluthrin + Imidacloprid 300 OD (8.49 + 19.81 % w/w)
  • Solomon Insecticide has systemic and contact properties that give quick knockdown and anti-feeding effects.
  • Suitable for low-volume application and has a broad spectrum of control with activity on all insect stages.
  • The oil dispersion based on Q-TEC formulation ensures better rain fastness, optimized retention, and penetration activity.

Mode of Action:

  • Beta-Cyfluthrin is an insecticide of the synthetic pyrethroid group. Beta-Cyfluthrin is acting by contact and ingestion. It acts on the insects nervous system as a sodium channel blocker.

  • In the pest, rapid excitation and impairment of coordination are the first visible symptoms of intoxication, followed by knock-down and death.

  • Imidacloprid is an antagonist to the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in the central nervous system.

  • It disturbs the proper signal transmission system leading to the excitation of the nerve cells. Consequently, a disorder of the nervous system occurs leading finally to the death of the treated insect.

Crop   Target pest  Dosage/Acre Formulation (ml)  Dilution in water (L) Per Acre Waiting Period (PHI) in Days
Brinjal Aphid, Jassid, Shoot & Fruit Borer 70 - 80 ml 200 lit 7 days
Soybean Girdle Beetle & Semilooper 140-150 ml 200 lit 17 days


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